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The Luklinski' Spine Care supplies world innovative technology in spinal care and pain relief.


The backrack™ is a clinical device designed to treat the causes, and hence the symptoms, of chronic back (and neck) pain. It is based on sound medical science and will successfully treat most forms of back pain.

The rack itself is constructed from high-quality wood. It consists of a number of lateral spindles, each of which carries two nodules. When viewed together, the nodules effectively lie on either side of a central channel.

The following height restrictions should be observed:

The small Backrack™ is suitable for anyone between 1.55m and 1.75m tall (5′ 1″ to 5 9″).
The large Backrack™ is suitable for anyone between 1.75m and 2.00m tall (5′ 9″ to 6′ 6″).

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Back Belt

The spine is a rigid body core, the belt reinforces it firmly through a specific set of nodules and an assistive set of metal robs around the waist which reflects the trunk muscles around the spine.

Like a moulded cast the belt gives 100% support and stability, it is comfortable and safe.

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Back Belt

Car seat support

Universal back supports for cars, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, commuters, holiday travellers.

Treat your spine while you travel

Backrack PORTABLE spinal supports are the results of the most advanced development being non-invasive self-therapy spinal care worldwide.

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Car Seat support

Chair support

Spinal Mobilisers act directly on the human spine being therefore being crucial to any office/sedentary workers. We are confident that our system is the world's best and will became a standard in seating design.

Like any revolutionary, yet effective design concept it will become a basic feature in seating design.

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Chair Support
get back on your feet

I have used your back rack previously, as a friend of mine had purchased it years ago and I borrowed it. It helped me enormously and I should have ordered my own personal one years ago.

- Mr. Craig Lucas
Backrack animation

The normal adult spine is skeletally deformed, thus diagnosis is very complicated, even from specialists. Abnormal spine criteria (not abnormal joints), including bone abnormalities, new/old soft tissue changes, movement abnormalities and pain response, are treatable by the SPINAL MOBILISERS system.

The system applies a world revolutionary concept developed by leading specialists in Orthopaedic Medicine and Spinal Rehabilitation. Applications are based upon clinical data proven research observation and all relate specifically and directly to spinal pathology.

It is accepted and proven fact that 99.5% of ALL spinal deformity disorders are due to a mechanical pathologies and symptoms are treatable accordingly.

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